Thank you so much those of you that turned out on Sunday for the Ynyslas Beach clean.

Unlike the day before when Borth was apparently crawling with people, the cooler weather kept folk away, only a sand yacht and some horses on the very low tide. Oh and the peat beds were widely exposed.

9 people collected eleven bags of junk, mainly plastic bottle tops and assorted lengths of fishing line. There was one shoe and a BIG nest of frayed fishing rope that was quite spectacular! Like a mermaids head!

High tides had exposed a lot of 'small plastic' from among the shifted pebbles but not much 'big stuff' in the area we tackled. We worked both left and right from the turn, high water had been right up to the beach defences and the pebble banks were unstable and steep, no mermaids purses this time!

Thanks again folks see you all hopefully at the next beach clean, days lengthening and warming, summer won't be long, dust off those sandals.

I think we will revert to the posters as well as the email group next time, it's a suggestion from some of the group that these posters do actually get noticed, but if you know anyone who would like to be on the list by all means give them my email contact, its an easy one