A big thankyou to those of you who managed to escape various Easter chores  or visitors and come along to the beach on Saturday.

There wasnt a lot of rubbish up near the YMCA so we spread out  towards town.   Despite removing eight or nine bags and assorted carbumper and metal, frames there is still quite a lot left still between some of the sea defences on the way into town before you hit the new boulder heaps.  Most of the stuff we collected seemed quite small so it took a long time to fill a bag. My back still isnt on speaking terms with me!

Weather wasnt too kind either , not much chance of sunburn I'm afraid , it was blowy and cool and kept trying to rain, but by teatime the sun did actually come out.  I didnt feel quite so odd eating an ice cream sundae outside Uncle Leos at that point!

Roll on the next clean, Sarah's back from her away trip  and the Rangers are in the Ynyslas dunes so, who knows where we will clean in the future, if you see anywhere on your walks that could do with our help please just drop myself or Sarah an email...

Ana as usual, if you wish to be removed from the mailing list just also email either of us

 and thanks again