Hi All, have you noticed the days are getting longer? We'll have Summer Time too at the end of March!

Further to our fantastic record breaking cleans last year and January 2011 alongside the golf course, we've been told there's a lot of litter waiting for us on the beach across from the Youth Hostel.

Might be a good idea if we give this area the once over next.
So please join us, if you can, on Saturday February 26th any time in the afternoon from 13.00. - pick up a bag, hoop, litter picker and gloves and spend an hour doing something worthwhile, cleaning a bagful of rubbish off our beautiful beach!

Suggestion is to meet opposite the Youth Hostel and work north and south from there. If the tide is too high or the weather really poor we can reschedule, please check your email late friday or early saturday just to be sure.

If you are out walking with the dog or perhaps checking progress on the new sea defences and you come across an area you think needs a clean, do let us know and we can arrange a session this spring.

Look forward to seeing you all a week on saturday

If you would like to receive our mails please let me know at sarah@borthynyslasbeachclean.org.uk.