Thank you to all the folk who collected rubbish on the beach at Borth this saturday afternoon just gone.

It was a beautiful afternoon, despite the brisk northerly wind, with amazing sunshine and blue sky along the coastal strip.

We collected betwen us 16 black sacks of junk, a long length of guttering and a hefty chequered road sign (well washed) There hadnt seemed to be that much rubbish on the beach after the recent high tides (perhaps its all in Tywyn by now!) but we soon found the usual stuff of bottles and shoes and barbecue grids.

A new lady joined the group and has provided her email, so we hope to see her again.

Otherwise I look forward to seeing you all, perhaps in March, I think alonside the golfcourse and up towards the dunes may well need our attention, but feel free to let me know where you spot rubbish!