Ive looked at the forecast and as usual its a bit mixed, supposed to be drier (relatively speaking ) on the west coast and drier as the day goes on, but the chance of rain has gone from 65% to 90% light NW wind and max temp 8  deg, so I'll get the hoops out and if any of you feel like bringing waterproofs and wellies out, we'll see what we can do .
Keep your fingers crossed

So please join me, if you can, on Saturday February 26th any time in the afternoon from 13.00. - pick up a bag, hoop, litter picker and gloves and spend an hour or so doing something worthwhile, cleaning a bagful of rubbish off our beautiful beach!

 Suggestion is to meet opposite the Youth Hostel and work north and south from there. If the tide is too high or the weather really poor we can reschedule,  but I will be there !