Would you be able to come and join us for a beach clean on:
Saturday July 30th
at 2pm
Meet at Youth Hostel, but walk North to an area of beach alongside the Golf Course and then work back.
The last clean was on July 9th when seven volunteers collected 13 bags of rubbish from in front of the Youth Hostel - well done and many thanks to all of them. 
A few days after that we walked along the top of the beach between the Youth Hostel and Ynyslas and the part alongside the Golf Course really needs a clean. So, the plan is to meet in front of the Youth Hostel and then walk North towards Ynyslas on the sand and then clean back towards the Youth Hostel.  That way we can get to the area that is worse rather than starting from the Youth Hostel and cleaning an area that is not so bad.
So come along to the Youth Hostel at 2pm if you can and join us to walk North, otherwise if you come a bit later and we have already gone, just walk along the beach to find us. We will have bags and pickers etc with us.
If you intend to come and you let me know we will look out for you but we should be easy enough to find. We will be the ones with bin bags and litter pickers :0)
I hope this is clear enough and if not, please feel free to mail me with your questions.
Hope to see you there.