Borth & Ynyslas Beach Clean

Beach Clean of 2nd June 2013

June 6, 2013
Thanks to those that came to the beach clean.
We managed to collect 13 bags of rubbish, which we left on the Borth & Ynyslas Golf Course. The Golf Course kindly remove the bags for us.
We stopped at the new cafe on the Ynsylas turn car park and had some lovely cake and coffee. It was really good :D

Next Beach Clean Sunday 2nd June 2013 at 10am

May 21, 2013
I haven't been able to speak to Gareth yet about using the quad bike as he has been away. I hope to speak to him at the weekend. 

We can't do this week as we have an open day at the RNLI station in Borth on Sunday and I think we may be quite busy with that!

So, let's say:

Sunday June 2nd at 10am meeting at the Ynyslas turn car park. 

I hope that suits some of you. If that's not a convenient time and you'd like to do another time - let me know and maybe we can join you another time too...
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Beach Clean 16 May 2013

May 21, 2013
Thanks to those of you who came along to the clean on Thursday.

In the morning the group worked by the RNLI station but after lunch we moved down to Ynyslas as there was deemed to be more rubbish there.  Lots of people turned up - (I didn't count them as it wasn't my clean) - and lots of rubbish was removed from both areas.

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Beach clean at Borth beach on Thursday 16th May meeting at 10am at the car park adjacent to the RNLI

May 13, 2013

13 – 19th May is Keep Wales Tidys’ inaugural Clean Coasts Week ( )

Beach clean at Borth beach on Thursday 16th May meeting at 10am at the car park adjacent to the RNLI, or just turn up any time between  10am and 3pm.  Litter picking kit will be provided so just bring yourselves along.

For  further information about this clean-up or if you wish to arrange a clean-up elsewhere in Ceredigion please contact Richard Wyn Thomas, Ceredigion’s Kee...
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Last Beach Clean of 2011

December 11, 2011
The last beach clean of 2011 was on Sunday 11 December. The rain had passed and the day was quite warm. Six of us turned up to clean the beach and we were going along fine. The rain came, a persistent drizzle, which made things more difficult, but not too bad.

Near the end we spotted that the sky was getting darker, and that there was rain on the horizon. We kept going, just to do 5 minutes more and ended up in heavy rain. Nevermind, we managed to collect 15 bags full of rubbish from the beach...
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Next Beach Clean Sunday 11th December at 1pm meeting at the Ynyslas Turn car park.

December 6, 2011

The last clean we did was very well attended. 19 people picked up 21 bags of rubbish from the beach opposite the Youth Hostel. Thanks to everyone who came.
I've just realised that if we want to get one more clean in this year it had better be soon so how about:
Sunday 11th December at 1pm meeting at the Ynyslas Turn car park.
I know it is short notice (as it often is) but if you can make it that would be great. We normally spend about an hour and a half cleaning.
If you come after 1...
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Beach Clean Sunday 27th November 2011

November 28, 2011
We had a good beach clean. The weather was sunny and dry, although it was very windy.

Nineteen people, and a couple of dogs, turned up to help and we worked both directions from the youth hostel.

Everyone put in about one and a half hours and we managed to remove 21 bags full of rubbish from the beach. Well done everyone.

Some of us went to the Community Hall afterwards to have puddings which were being sold to raise money for Ysgol Craig Yr Wylfa Borth Primary School. The puddings were great :D

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Next Beach Clean Sunday 27th November at 1pm by Youth Hostel

November 18, 2011
Thanks to everyone who came to the last beach clean. There were 14 people and we managed to collect 15 bags and assorted bits of plastic.

For our next effort can we meet at the Youth Hostel on Sunday 27th November at 1pm. We'll try to get a look at the beach before then to decide where to concentrate our efforts. We will spend about an hour and a half cleaning.

Hope you can make it and that the weather is as unseasonably warm as it has been. Please let me know if you are coming, so we can look ...
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Beach Clean 2 October 2011

October 20, 2011
On Sunday October 2nd at 2pm we met at the Ynyslas Turn car park. There was plenty of rubbish there needing to be picked up so we went over the wall and worked North and South. The weather was glorious and the 14 people that turned up to help had a fine day to enjoy.

We left 15 bags at the entrance to the car park, from where the council picked them up.

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Trail from Beach Clean 30th July 2011

July 31, 2011

12 people turned up to clean the beach alongside the golf course. Together we removed 24 bags full of rubbish.

The following links to a trail showing where we cleaned.

Borth Ynylas Beach Clean

EveryTrail - Find trail maps for California and beyond
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